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Drosera darwinensis \' Palmerston\'

Drosera darwinensis \' Palmerston\'
Drosera darwinensis \' Palmerston\'

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Drosera darwinensis \' Palmerston\'

Model Number: 116-071364
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Bare-root - plant is sold without soil and is carefully packaged.
With soil - Plant is bare-root carefully packaged and includes 1.5 cups of soil that specifically made for petiolaris complex and is rinsed 3x plus sterilized before shipment.
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Drosera darwinensis 'Palmerston' 

*** Rarest Drosera Petiolaris Complex Sundew in Cultivation ***

This is the rarest Drosera petiolaris complex in cultivation. We own many petios that no one in the United States own, but this plant we can say with certainty is owned by VERY few in the world. We here at Urantia Carnivores are not going to be selfish and keep them all to ourselves. We are in the business to give people access to own a wide variety of petios so everyone can get a chance to enjoy them, and this plant is no exception.

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