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Drosera derbyensis 'Derby'

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Drosera derbyensis 'Derby'
Drosera derbyensis 'Derby'
Drosera derbyensis 'Derby'
Drosera derbyensis 'Derby'
Drosera derbyensis 'Derby'
Drosera derbyensis 'Derby'

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Drosera derbyensis 'Derby'

Model Number: 95-071341
Considering this Drosera derbyensis is from the very location in which it is named makes it the main derbyensis (at least as far as we are concerned). Either way, this plant is magnificent and is one of our must-have favorites. Its snow-white hair-covered leaves with pale red (pink) traps make it a magnificent plant to have.

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Bare-root - plant is sold without soil and is carefully packaged.

With soil - Plant is bare-root carefully packaged and includes 1.5 cups of soil that specifically made for petiolaris complex and is rinsed 3x plus sterilized before shipment.
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Drosera derbyensis 'Derby' - Petiolaris Complex

Live Drosera derbyensis 'Derby' petiolaris cmplex

Product SKU: 95-071341

Product Brand: Urantia Carnivores

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 49.99

Product In-Stock: InStock

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