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Drosera ordensis \'Lake Argyle\' Seeds

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Drosera ordensis \'Lake Argyle\' Seeds
Drosera ordensis \'Lake Argyle\' Seeds

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Drosera ordensis \'Lake Argyle\' Seeds

Model Number: 55-Seeds

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Stamped Envelope - USPS Free shipping that can take up to two weeks or more to be delivered - No tracking number

Priority - Costs an additional $2.50 but is delivered within 2-3 days after shipment is sent. Only one priority shipment purchase is needed if buying multiple packs of seeds. Please only add the additional cost to ONE pack of seeds. - Tracking available. International orders must select this option and should expect up to two weeks or more for delivery.

Additional Purchase:

1 Gibberellic acid (Ga3) Paper Square

One single square is used once. 100 or more seeds can be placed into a paper pouch for that one use. If you are purchasing more than one pack of the same seeds, you only need to use one square

Check the specifications below for directions on how to use this Ga3 paper product

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Drosera ordensis 'Lake Argyle' Seeds - Petiolaris Complex Sundew Seeds


Drosera ordensis 'Lake Argyle' Seeds (leafy basal rosettes densely covered with white hairs > 8 cm Ø, crowded many-flowered scapes > 40 cm tall, flowers of various shades of pink with various shades of stigma)

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