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Pinguicula Agnata x gypsicola

Pinguicula Agnata x gypsicola
Pinguicula Agnata x gypsicola

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Pinguicula Agnata x gypsicola

Model Number: P-Agnata-x-gypsicola
This cross is very easy to grow and is well accepted by beginner growers. The long linear leaves turn a nice pink when exposed to strong light.

Purchase options are:

Bare-root - plant is sold without soil and is carefully packaged.

With soil - Plant is bare-root carefully packaged and includes 1 cup of mineral soil specifically made for Pinguiculas. It is rinsed 3x plus sterilized before shipment. (Recommended)

Soil choice descriptions are below in the specifications tab
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Pinguicula Agnata x gypsicola - Urantia Carnivores

A VIGOROUS AND EASY TO GROW cross between Pinguicula agnata 'CSUF' - "Scented Flower and gypsicola.

Product SKU: P-Agnata-x-gypsicola

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