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Drosera Petiolaris Seed List

Last updated  08/28/2021

All of the seeds we sell come from us. We produced the plants from seeds, pollinated them with another plant that is not related, then we harvest them. Our seeds are properly cured so they’re able to be kept in the fridge. We do not sell seeds that are more than a year old. We sow any and every seed in our collection once they reach a year in inventory, so you can trust they’re very fresh. We understand these prices are high, but you have to take into account what is needed to produce pure species seeds. All plants are kept in a secluded indoor area to prevent any infestations, this limits our amount of space, and our large demand for grow lights. The initial investment, time, electricity, space etc contribute to the higher price in seeds. We do offer a seed subscription that allows us to lower our prices. 

Let us know which of these following seeds you would like to buy. Just send us a message with the list and your email address. We will then send you an invoice which you can pay whenever you would like. You can also just email us at: [email protected]

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Contact us for any inquiries about the list of seeds below. You can contact us through through the following links below

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Drosera aff. ordensis ‘Kingston Rest Order # 82-Seeds $19.99
Drosera aff. ordensis  ‘Kingston Rest’ “VWL” x Drosera aff. ordensis  ‘Kingston Rest (North) “VWL” Order# 72 x 64V-Seeds $19.99
Drosera aff. ordensis ‘Kingston Rest, Kimberley’ (South) Hybrid Order # 65 Hybrid-Seeds $9.99
Drosera broomensis ‘Deep Creek’ x Drosera broomensis Taylor’s Lagoon’ Order # 17 x 89-Seeds $14.99
Drosera broomensis ‘Taylors Lagoon, East of Broome’ ( northern shores) x Drosera broomensis Taylor’s Lagoon’ Order # 121 x 89-Seeds $14.99
Drosera broomensis Taylor’s Lagoon’ Order# 89-Seeds SOLD OUT
Drosera broomensis Taylor’s Lagoon’ x Drosera broomensis ‘Deep Creek’ Order # 89 x 17-Seeds $14.99
Drosera darwinensis ‘Berrimah’ hybrid Order# 22-x-Hybrid-Seeds $9.99
(Drosera darwinensis x brevicornis) x Drosera fulva ‘Arnhemland’ “mini plant” Order # 92 x 100-Seeds $7.50
Drosera derbeyensis ‘Derby Order# 95-Seeds $19.99
Drosera derbyensis ‘Beverley Springs’ x Drosera ordensis ‘Kununurra’ (21 km East) Order# 94 x 53-Seeds $9.99
Drosera derbyensis ‘Erskine Ranges’ x Drosera ordensis ‘Stonewall Creek’ Order # 27 x 58-Seeds $9.99
Drosera (dilatato-petiolaris x darwinensis) x Drosera aff. ordensis ‘Kingston Rest (North) “Very Wide Leaf” Order # 98 x 64V-Seeds $7.50
Drosera (dilato-petiolaris x ordensis) x (Drosera dilatato-petiolaris x darwinensis) Oder# 99 x 98-Seeds $7.50
(Drosera dilatato-petiolaris x broomensis) x Drosera aff. brevicornis ‘Prince Regent River’ Order# 110 x 06-Seeds $7.50
Drosera falconeri Hybrid Seeds (pink flower clone) Order # 34 Hybrid-Seeds $9.99
Drosera falconeri ‘wangi form’ hybrid Order # 32 Hybrid-Seeds $9.99
Drosera falconeri ‘Fly Creek’ x Drosera aff. paradoxa ‘Theda’ Order# 122 x 129 Order# 122 x 129-Seeds *SUBSCRIPTION PLAN ONLY*
Drosera (ordensis x falconeri) x aff. ordensis) x Drosera derbyensis ‘Erskine Ranges’ Order# 75 x 27-Seeds $7.50
Drosera fulva ‘Aposta’ x Drosera fulva ‘Girraween’ Order # 37 x 40-Seeds $14.99
Drosera fulva ‘Girraween’ x Drosera fulva ‘Aposta’ order # 40 x 37-Seeds $14.99
(Drosera fulva x darwiniensis) x Drosera aff. ordensis ‘Kingston Rest’ (South) Order# 101 x 65-Seeds $7.50
(Drosera fulva x darwiniensis) x (Drosera darwiniensis x ordensis) Oder # 101 x 93-Seeds $7.50
Drosera kenneallyi ‘Mitchell Plateau’ Hybrid Order # 44 Hybrid Hybrid-Seeds $9.99
Drosera aff. lanata ‘Flying Fox Creek’ x Drosera ordensis ‘Beverley Springs’ “narrow leaf form” Order# 81 x 60-Seeds $9.99
Drosera ordensis ‘Cave Spring’ Order# 59-Seeds $19.99
Drosera ordensis ‘Kununurra’ (21 km East) x Drosera aff. ordensis ‘Kingston Rest (North) Product # 53 x 64-Seeds $14.99
Drosera Ordensis ´Timber Creek’ x (Drosera aff fulva x brevicornis) Order # 104 x 79-Seeds $7.50
Drosera ordensis ‘Stonewall’ x Drosera Paradoxa ‘Drysdale River Station’ (100 km north) Order# 58 x 117-Seeds $9.99
(Drosera Ordensis x aff fulva) x Drosera brevicornis ‘Bynoe Haven’ Oder# 105 x 04-Seeds $7.50
Drosera ordensis ‘Kununurra’ (21 km East) x Drosera derbyensis ‘Beverley Springs’ Order # 53 x 94-Seeds $9.99
Drosera ordensis ‘Beverley Springs’ “narrow leaf form” x Drosera aff. lanata ‘Flying Fox Creek‘ Order# 60 x 81-Seeds $9.99
Drosera ordensis ‘Lake Argyle’ Number: 55-Seeds $19.99
Drosera ordensis ‘Stonewall Creek’ x Drosera derbyensis ‘Erskine Ranges’  Order # 58 x 27-Seeds $9.99
Drosera ordensis ‘Kununurra’ (13 km West) Drosera broomensis ‘Taylors Lagoon, East of Broome’ ( northern shores) Order # 54 x 121-Seeds $9.99
Petiolaris Complex Sundew Seed Mix Order # Petiolaris Mix $7.50 (BEST SELLER)

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