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P. 'Ayautla'

Cultivar: Pinguicula ‘Ayautla’ D’Amato

Distribution: Savage Garden:205 (1998)

Equivalent word: =Pinguicula gigantea Luhrs

Originator: A.Lau, from S.Bartolome de Ayautla, MX, 1987

Nominant: P.D’Amato

Horicultural remark: name not enlisted with ICRA (not considered as a cultivar by nominant)

Standard: Savage Garden:206 (1998)

Historical background: after the provenience of the plant

Portrayal: Savage Garden:205 (1998)

“The rosettes are exceptionally huge, with angling, rich yellow leaves that are tacky on both their upper and lower surfaces – the main such butterwort yet known. The attractive blossoms are colored violet with a striking purplish edging.”

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