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Pinguicula 'Eye Spy'

Cultivar:¬†Pinguicula ‘Enigma’ T.H.Wyman

Distribution: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.33:88 (2004) https://legacy.carnivorousplants.org/cpn/articles/CPNv33n3p83_89.pdf

Web Publication: https://legacy.carnivorousplants.org/cpn/Species/v33n3p83_89.html#enigma

Remark: the need for assumed parentage

Equivalent: =?Pinguicula cyclosecta Casper * Pinguicula esseriana B.Kirchner

Originator: Carl Schoenfeld, Yucca Do Nursery, and J.G.Fairey, Peckerwood Garden, USA, from Mexico (no territory given)

Nominant: T.H.Wyman, Stone Mountain, Ga., USA

Registrant: T.H.Wyman, 29. 9. 2003

Horicultural remark: Registered 30. 12. 2004 {JS}

Standard: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.33:87 (2004)

Historical underpinnings: as a result of obscure beginning/parentage of the plant

Portrayal: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.33:84 (2004)

“Its spoon-like leaves with improved edges portray the predatory foliage of this plant. During this period of development, the rosette comprises up to twenty leaves, which are up to 4 cm long and 1 cm wide at their most extensive point. At first, the leaves will in general be held at an upstanding point, however, later they bend down to lay level. The leaves stay a light green tone, significantly under extreme light. During delicious development, the size of the rosette diminishes, and the number of passes on increments to at least 50. These leaves do not have any improved edges and are covered with scanty fine hair. They are spathulate fit as a fiddle and up to 2 cm long and 0.75 cm wide. The plants sprout from late winter through summer. Blossoms by and large happen two by two and it isn’t exceptional to have 2-3 sets open simultaneously. The shade of the blossoms is lilac with extremely conspicuous violet veins and a white throat, and they frequently have a smooth sheen to them. Likewise with large numbers of the Mexican Pinguicula L. the shading will in general blur gradually as the blossoms age. The rear of the blossom is pale-dim/white in shading and the veining is likewise unmistakable. Completely open blossoms commonly measure 2.5-3 cm in width. This plant is effortlessly engendered through leaf cuttings and furthermore tends to separate promptly in the wake of blooming, shaping huge bunches.”

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