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Pinguicula 'Titan'

Cultivar:¬†Pinguicula ‘Titan’ L.Song

Distribution: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.30:11 (2001) https://legacy.carnivorousplants.org/cpn/articles/CPNv29n1p14_21.pdf

Web Publication: https://legacy.carnivorousplants.org/cpn/Species/v29n1p14_21.html#pirouette

Remark: need for parentage

Equivalent word: =Pinguicula agnata Casper * ?Pinguicula macrophylla H.B.K.

Originator: L.Song, Jr., Fullerton, USA, 17. 7. 1987

Nominant: L.Song, Jr., roughly 1998

Registrant: B.Rice, Davis, USA, 20. 10. 1999

Horicultural remark: Registered 5. 7. 2001 {JS}

Standard: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.30:12 (2001)

Engendering: vegetative as it were

Historical background: both to show the plant’s enormous size and to remember the epithet for California State University, Fullerton

Depiction: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.30:11 (2001)Pinguicula 'Titan'

“At its biggest, the leaves of Pinguicula ‘ Titan ‘ L.Song can surpass the bounds of a 15 cm (six-inch) pot! The leaves look like the dust guardians, in having a more extended and more articulated petiole than the leaves of the seed parent. Nonetheless, the blossom shape most certainly favors the seed parent, yet the blue edges have been supplanted with an even fuchsia shine. A slight scent is likewise obvious. It shapes an enormous underground hibernaculum yet has a moderately short lethargic period. Pinguicula ‘ Titan ‘ L.Song is exceptionally overwhelming and simple to develop. It gets by on store retires longer than any remaining predatory plants, blossoming there even after Venus Flytraps, sundews, and Sarracenia L. have passed on.”

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