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Drosera Fulva Flowers

Flower description

The inflorescence reaches 18″ in height

Can produce 50 or more white, pink or various colors of veining flowers, each up to 3/4″ in diameter.

The scape and the lower surface of the sepals are densely covered with short white dendritic hairs. This species has the best flowers

Drosera fulva is closely related to D. brevicornis and D. dilatato-petiolaris, but is distinguished from those species in the height of its inflorescence, size and type of fruit.

Flowering occurs between February and May.

Drosera fulva 'Girraween, N.T.' Flower

Drosera fulva 'Girraween, N.T.' Flower

Drosera fulva 'Aposta, Howard Springs, N.T.' Flower

Drosera fulva 'Aposta, Howard Springs' Flower

Drosera fulva 'Noonamah, N.T.' Flowert

Drosera fulva 'Noonamah' Flower

Drosera fulva mini plant form 'Arnhemland, N. T.' Flower

Drosera fulva "'mini plant form" 'Arnhemland'

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