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How I fell into an obsession with carnivorous plants is an interesting tale. It’s one that proves life never goes as envisioned; the universe always has different plans.

The fork that led to my pathway to carnivorous plants began when I was teaching homeopathic remedies for canines through a blog called Raw To The Bones. One of my main focuses was using natural products to clean your house or anywhere your pet mainly lives (which better be in your house with you!). Chemical Pesticides were a huge NO, so I decided to write an article in order to teach my followers how to eliminate pests naturally. I knew of the Venus flytrap, a plant that I think everyone associated with carnivorous plants. I wanted my readers to get as much info as I could possibly give them about this natural way to eliminate the occasional fly once it enters your home. During my research, my eyes were opened to the vast world of carnivorous plants. I had no idea there were so many types and varieties until then! There were Pinguicula which would help catch fruit flies and ants, There were Drosera that could catch house flies,  fruit flies and ants, and then there were pitcher plants for even bigger prey. like mosquitos, hornets, large crawling bugs, and even small mice. My research on the subject required me to purchase one of each in order to have first-hand experience about what I was writing. I first ordered a Venus flytrap then I ordered a

Pinguicula weser and a Drosera binata. After learning to care for them, I became obsessed with these amazing plants. I wrote my natural pest control article while also finding a new hobby. One thing I have learned since then is that carnivorous plants are not a way to control pests. Maybe they will catch an occasional pest when grown indoors but other than that, they are horrible at eliminating them. 

During my initial obsession, I learned how to propagate Pinguiucla via leaf pullings. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to turn one plant into many. It was easy and fun. Now, what do I do with the extras? I decided I can sell them on eBay, or at least try. They sold out in a matter of days. Ok…maybe I can

Lylah Lynch (2009-2015)

do this with many other types of carnivorous plants. I mainly focused on pinguicula since they’re are the easiest to care for and I was still very new to the hobby. I then decided to give Some different varieties of Drosera. I went on a hunt for Drosera seeds since I felt seeds were the easiest to and most profitable. During my research on which Drosera is the coolest. I wanted the most unique. During that research, I came across a picture of a plant called Drosera derbyensis. I am sure you have seen that same picture. It’s a very popular and basically the poster pic for derbyensis. I was immediately hooked on the petiolaris comlex.

To this point, my intention of selling carnivorous plants was just as a side thing to help pay for more carnivorous plants. Then on September 19th in 2015 my life to a very unexpected turn. My French Bulldog (Lylah) presented a weird limp that afternoon. I didn’t think anything of it. My thought was that maybe she just pulled a muscle playing or anything just harmless. Later that day I noticed it began to get worse. I went to inspect her leg and she yelped. te look in her eyes and that yelp told me something is not right so I rushed her to the vet. After being diagnosed with a genetic spinal issue, the vet informed me that she will need some blood work done to see if she can handle pain meds or any other treatments possibly needed. Not even a half-hour later the vet walked into my somber waiting room to inform me that moments after a vet tech moved her head to inject her with a sedative, she yelp and dropped dead. My world was ruined. I had to seriously reflect on my life, and even though there was nothing I could have prevented her outcome, I still took it as if I let her down because my main purpose in life at the time was to educate how to increase the life expectancy of their pet. How can I continue with my full heart after that? I couldn’t and that would have been unfair to my followers. They trust me to extend their pet’s life, but I did not trust myself. So I canceled my blog.

I know that story is tough, I need you to understand that I did not just drop my obsession and life’s work without good reason. At around this time, I had a good saving and my side gig of carnivorous plants was beginning to do fairly well. So, I decided to go full force into selling them. That Drosera derbyensis was still on Largest Drosera Petiolaris Complex Collectiontop of my wanted list. So I made my main goal to sell Drosera petiolaris complex. But first I had to get my hands on some. It wasn’t too long that I learned how hard it was to get ahold of any of those gorgeous plants from that complex. Matter of fact, during my search, I was told I would possibly never get ahold of many, maybe one or two. I took that personally. How can these gorgeous and unbelievably amazing plants not be available? So, I made it my main mission to get my hands on every Drosera petiolaris complex possible. Matter of fact, I wanted them all just for spite to those 100’s that told me it would be impossible to even get two. Now my main goal was to make it possible for anyone searching for one of those amazing plants in that complex to get one. 

Well, I still needed to get ahold of at least the two Drosera petiolaris complex, right? I spent a solid year in search of seeds and at least a live plant. So, I kinda gave up after I finally got some seeds from a great nursery. I ended up with Drosera falconeri “wangi form” and Drosera aff. ordensis ‘Timber Creek’ seeds and they propagated well. Unfortunately, the nursery I got those seeds from could not supply me anymore. that’s when I have up, well, didn’t spend countless hours a day looking for petio seeds. Instead, I contacted every nursery all over the world with a long list of very rare Pinguicula, and at the end of that list I mentioned, “and any Drosera petiolaris seeds”.  I did find some pings on my list and met some really cool people in the process. It wasn’t until I contacted a botanical institution in Australia that I finally got a lead. A botanist emailed me back with the obvious answer that Pinguicla is something Australia is not known for and I was out of luck trying to get any from there, but he did catch my mention of petiolaris complex seeds. He asked, “why don’t you just contact Allen Lowrie?” Now, I have obviously heard of Lowrie, the guy was a legend, I just did not think I could actually get seeds from him. I mean, isn’t he a god amongst carnivorous plants and is unreachable? that cool botanist sent me Allen’s contact information. I immediately sent Allen an email thinking he would never reply to little ol’ me. I woke up to an email from him. He not only was reachable, but he was also humble and eager to help with anything I need. That is when I met Allen and the rest was history. 

Allen Lowrie (1948–2021)
A. Lowrie (1948–2021)

Not only did I get to buy every Drosera petiolaris complex seed he had for sale, I also got to get to know an amazing person. Allen Lowrie was a god when it came to the

carnivorous plants of Australia, but he NEVER made you feel small, a noob, a nobody. His passion for carnivorous plants was very evident, and his passion was to share those amazing plants with anyone and everyone.  Now, I understand this is an about Urantia Carnivores page, but without Allen, there would be no Urantia Carnivores. I made multiple orders each year for the next four years. I was not only able to get my hands on almost every petiolaris complex available, but I also made it possible to now make them easily available to anyone interested in acquiring one. Now no one can be told it’s impossible. Matter of fact, after 5 years of hard work and a major investment, I can now offer a seed subscription for Drosera petiolaris complex. That is a huge leap from being told I can MAYBE only get two plants from that complex. Thank you, Allen. 

Going from teaching homeopathic remedies for pets to selling one of the rarest carnivorous plant complexes on earth has been a long adventure full of sweat, blood, and tears. The work and sacrifices made for that to be possible are why I try my hardest to make sure every customer gets the best customer service and great quality in products. 

Rest In Peace, Allen. I can never have achieved my goal and dream without you. I might grow the plants and produce the seeds now, but they will always be coming from you, not me. 

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