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Drosera Fulva Seeds

All of our Drosera fulva are grown from seeds. We feel seed-grown plants are the most fertile, which will produce more viable seeds. To achieve successful pollination with pure species/locations we only use two plants that are not genetically identical. There are always slight variations between two species from the same location when both are grown from seed. Recognizing those variations before pollination is what makes our seeds so successful.  

Our seeds are organized in the following categories:

Pure species = Same species from the same locations used. 

Pure Species from Different Locations = Two plants from the same species that are from different locations. 

2-Way Hybrid = Two different species used

3-Way Hybrid = 2 of the same species from different locations used or 2 different species used then crossed with a single species

4-Way hybrid = These seeds can either be achieved by crossing a 3-way hybrid with another species or two 2-Way hybrids

Hybrids With Uknown Pollen Parents = Each pack contains a mix of seeds crossed with many of our other Drosera petiolaris complex plants that were flowering at the same time. The mystery of growing a surprisingly amazing plant is AWESOME!  

Drosera Petiolaris Complex Mix = Petiolaris Complex Sundew Seed Mix includes 10+ seeds from various hybrids to pure species. The mix will also include our personal stash of hybrids that we do not sell but use for our breeding program. They also include seeds of pure species that we do not sell seeds of just so we can replenish our stock of live plants. The reason we offer this option is that we do not throw away any seeds pods. Instead, we add them to small airtight bags, store them in the fridge, and after a while the seeds we left behind and didn’t harvest finally fall out. We photograph every pure species flower so you can always compare to see if one of your seeds produced a pure species. This is a lucky grab bag of awesomeness. There are way more varieties of plants than are shown in the main photograph.

Pure Species From Different Locations

3-Way Hybids

4-Way Hybids
Drosera Petiolaris Seeds Mix