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Drosera Petiolaris Complex Sundews

Drosera petiolaris complex – 

Consists of fourteen species in the subgenus of Drosera, scientifically known as, Drosera subg. Lasiocephala. Twelve of these Drosera petiolaris complex are named: Drosera brevicornis, Drosera broomensis, Drosera Darwinensis, Drosera Derbyensis, Drosera Dilatato-petiolaris, Drosera Falconeri,  Drosera Fulva, Drosera Kenneallyi, Drosera Lanata,  Drosera Ordensis, Drosera Petiolaris, Drosera paradoxa. They grow in many parts of northern Australia, very few can even be found on neighboring islands. Their leaves, commonly known as petioles, grow in a rosette formation that can be compact, erect, semi-erect, or airy. They can vary in length, shape, color, and width. Even with the varying shapes, they are always linear. This particular characteristic gives them a common nickname of “octopus plant”. The petioles can also have hair known as Trichomes. The hair can be very dense, fine (pubescence), or hairless and smooth (glabrous). The hairs either grow non-dendric or dendric and can be white, silver or grey in color. The very dense types are commonly nicknamed “woolly sundews” since the hair is reminiscent of being covered in wool. At the end of every petiole is a trap called lamina. They can also vary in shape, size, and color. The shapes range from round, oval, or ellipse. The colors can range from green, orange, pale orange, red or pale red. Some can even produce a very deep red (maroon color).
Drosera aff. brevicornis 'Theda, Kimberley, W.A.' (4)

Drosera Brevicornis

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Drosera broomensis 'Taylors Lagoon, Kimberley, W.A.' (8 km West) (2)

Drosera Broomensis

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Drosera darwinensis 'Berrimah, N.T.' (2)

Drosera Darwinensis

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Drosera derbyensis 'Winjana, Kimberley, W.A.' Cover

Drosera Derbyensis

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Drosera dilatato-petiolaris 'West Aligator River' Thumbnai

Drosera Dilatato-petiolaris

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Drosera falconeri 'Wangi' (16)

Drosera Falconeri

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Drosera fulva

Drosera Fulva

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kenneallyi Mitchell Plateau, Kimberley Thumbnail

Drosera Kenneallyi

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Drosera lanata “type” Lotus Glen (2)

Drosera Lanata

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Drosera aff. ordensi 'Kingston Rest, Kimberley' (2)

Drosera Ordensis

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Drosera petiolaris Cover

Drosera Petiolaris

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Drosera paradoxa robust growing form (4)

Drosera paradoxa

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All of our Drosera petiolaris complex are seed grown. 

From here on out, our Petiolaris Complex program will be more focused on producing pure and hybrid seeds. Because of this, we will need to keep as many pure species as possible to ensure greater success. Our goal is to grow and provide these wonderful plants in a more sustainable way by focusing on producing seeds rather than just selling live plants.

We will be selling live plants still, the only difference is our stock will not constantly be available much like it was before. This change will also ensure that all plants sold will be of a mature size. Check any plant you are interested in, and if it is not in stock, then select the option to be made available for when it is back in stock. Eventually, every plant will be restocked with an overabundance in a particular species or with established divisions.  

We will still be selling LIVE Drosera petiolaris complex through two of our subscription plans. The DIAMOND  and BLUE DIAMOND plan. The prices of these plans will not raise for the foreseeable future and is the best way to get not only a live Drosera petiolaris complex plant at a great price but will soon be the only way to obtain seeds as they could possibly become even rarer pretty soon. We will not cancel your subscription no matter how rare the seeds become. Click here to check out our subscription plans. Also, sign up for push notification by clicking the red bell located on the bottom left of the screen to be alerted of any discounts or changes in inventory.