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Drosera Petiolaris Complex Sundews


Hybrids are all still for sale

Many of our stocks will be sold out due to the upcoming shortage of petiolaris complex. We have to spend all the resources we can on making seeds just so we can save this complex from going extinct. There will be species/locations that will not be sold out since we have many of them or if they are related divisions that we can’t make seeds from, so make sure to check any species you like to see if it is in stock. Some prices may have slightly increased since global supply will be very low.

We will still be selling Drosera petiolaris complex through two of our subscription plans. The DIAMOND  and BLUE DIAMOND plan. The prices of these plans will not raise for the foreseeable future and is the best way to get not only a live Drosera petiolaris complex plant at a great price but will soon be the only way to obtain seeds as they will be even more rare pretty soon. We will not cancel your subscription no matter how rare the seeds become. Click here to check out our subscription plans. Also sign up for push notification by clicking the red bell located on the bottom left of the screen. We will announce when plants are restocked and when things go back to normal but you wanna be alerted when that happens so the plant you want doesn’t get sold by people who are signed up for push notifications. Also, like our FB page. We will announce some changes there a few times as well

Sign up for restock notifications if a plant is sold out. We will be placing divisions up for sale every now and again and you’ll be notified once they are restocked. This situation will not last long since we will sow every seed we make right away so we can replinish all stocks. So sign up to be notified of the species you want because it will be first come first serve once restock notification are sent out.

Drosera aff. brevicornis 'Theda, Kimberley, W.A.' (4)

Drosera Brevicornis

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Drosera broomensis 'Taylors Lagoon, Kimberley, W.A.' (8 km West) (2)

Drosera Broomensis

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Drosera darwinensis 'Berrimah, N.T.' (2)

Drosera Darwinensis

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Drosera derbyensis 'Winjana, Kimberley, W.A.' Cover

Drosera Derbyensis

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Drosera dilatato-petiolaris 'West Aligator River' Thumbnai

Drosera Dilatato-petiolaris

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Drosera falconeri 'Wangi' (16)

Drosera Falconeri

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Drosera fulva

Drosera Fulva

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kenneallyi Mitchell Plateau, Kimberley Thumbnail

Drosera Kenneallyi

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Drosera lanata “type” Lotus Glen, Mareeba, North Queensland Cover

Drosera Lanata

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Drosera aff. ordensi 'Kingston Rest, Kimberley' (2)

Drosera Ordensis

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Drosera petiolaris Cover

Drosera Petiolaris

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Drosera paradoxa robust growing form (4)

Drosera paradoxa

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