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Receiving Your New Plant

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Petiolaris Complex Plant

Your new Drosera petiolaris complex plant(s) traveled to you in a dark box, wrapped in plastic, and braved the elements during its travels. Not only that but it was also grown in a completely different environment than yours before it was sent. So, your plant will need a little TLC once it arrives. Please, make sure to remove your plant(s) from their packaging as soon as they arrive. Plant them in the pot of your choosing. These plants recover very well when they are given 100% humidity for a few of days after receiving them. You can do this by placing the pot in a plastic bag, placing a clear cup on top of the pot, or any creative way you can think of just as long as they can get light with 100% humidity. After three to 4 days you will notice your plant(s) beginning to perk up, you might even start to see new growth from the center. Once you do, start to acclimate your plant to lower humidity by opening the bag slightly, poking holes in the plastic cup, or whatever means, just as long as your plant(s) begin to get airflow. You want to increase airflow once daily. Your basic goal is to have your plant fully acclimated within two weeks. This humidity acclimation is one of the best ways to ensure a successful and healthy transition. 

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