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Drosera Fulva 'Noonamah'

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Drosera Fulva 'Noonamah'
Drosera Fulva 'Noonamah'
Drosera Fulva 'Noonamah'
Drosera Fulva 'Noonamah'
Drosera Fulva 'Noonamah'
Drosera Fulva 'Noonamah'

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Drosera Fulva 'Noonamah'

Model Number: 41-071398
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Bare-root - plant is sold without soil and is carefully packaged.

With soil - Plant is bare-root carefully packaged and includes 1.5 cups of soil that specifically made for petiolaris complex and is rinsed 3x plus sterilized before shipment.
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Drosera Fulva 'Noonamah' - Petiolaris Complex Sundew

Drosera Fulva 'Noonamah' , Northern Territory has bright green leaves and gorgeous red traps that give this plant an amazing contrast. To us, this is the poster image of a fulva. This plant can get fairly large with a diameter of 3.5 inches and can get just as tall. It is very easy to care for and a great addition to any collector.

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