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25% off + FREE Hybrid Petioes!

2021 is finally here but there are still postage carrier delays. A couple of years ago we delivered during the coldest winter we have seen in our lifetime and yet we did not have one single issue…but as the old saying goes ” nothing beats father time” and no matter how well we heat and insulate our plants….it won’t matter if they take longer than 4 days to arrive. Because of that, we will not be sending out any live plant orders until March. There are no delays in sending seeds, our special Drosera plant food, Soil (Drosera petiolaris complex soil will be available again this week, and our new Ga3 paper. So if you have ordered any of those products recently, even if it that order contained live plants, we will still mail them to you. The live plants will be mailed in March. 

We absolutely hate to not be able to deliver until March and hate even more that you loyal customers have to wait. So we are going to make it up for you even more by offering another discount code plus free hybrids with every order. This discount code can be used more than once for the two weeks it will be available. We are allowing continuous uses of this code because we will be adding a few plants, seeds, and supplies within the next couple of weeks. So if you want to buy something now before it’s sold out, no worries, you will still be able to the code again if you want any of the new products. 

Copy & paste the following code for 25% and free petilaris complex hybrids

Discount Code: LoveInsteadofHate

Expiration Feb, 22 2021