Discount + Free

25% off + FREE Hybrid Petioes! 2021 is finally here but there are still postage carrier delays. A couple of years ago we delivered during the coldest winter we have seen in our lifetime and yet we did not have one single issue…but as the old saying goes ” nothing beats father time” and no […]

New Year Discounts

Drosera falconeri from Fly Creek (2)

Happy New Year! The bugs with the first coupon code have been worked out and it now fully works.  2020 has been a rough year. From Covid-19 to record breaking storms and disasters across the globe, we are glad to say good-bye 2020 and hello 2021!     We are welcoming the new year with a […]

We’re Back!

Urantia Carnivores is finally back. We have had a crazy two months with website difficulties and then a severe record breaking derecho storm on 08/10/2020 Thank you very much for having great patience during these trying times. We wanted to wait until we knew our plants were healthy enough to ship and we are pleased […]